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eBOARDS is the UK's largest wholesaler of hoverboards, and has been for the past 3 years, and now we've entered the retail market, with a bang! eBOARD hoverboards have soared in popularity over the past year and are also known as segway boards, swagways, swegways, hoverboards and balance boards. We stock a wide range of safe and tested boards for the UK market. Our selection of eBOARDS includes indoor (6 inch), outdoor (8-10 inch) and Bluetooth features varying from model to model.

The eBOARDS Guarantee

1 year warranty
free uk delivery
top rated sellers
100% customer satisfaction


Great product, purchased for my sons 9th birthday. The Hummerboard seems to be the most sturdy and robust hoverboard i've seen yet, it's faster, has better battery life, and a higher weight limit than any other, It's are also whisper quiet! Shipping was fast, communication with company was efficient, promptly replied to my messages on facebook, and gave me a call to confirm my order details, highly recommended!

Stephen H.

My boys (ages 10 and 14) are so excited to have these hoverboards!!! They are riding everywhere on them and the music is loud and clear. They watch youtube videos all day learning to do tricks on these, it's a treat to watch! The company is also great and quick to respond. Wonderful experience and a quality product!

Amy K.

Got an email asking to leave a review, so here it is, Ordered mine recently, Customer Support was great, handled everything without a hitch, got a phone call after my order was dispatched, and an email with the tracking number, item arrived next day, packaging was a little scuffed, but item was in perfect condition, charged it and i've been on it everyday since. Will recommend to anyone looking to purchase a hoverboard!

Priya P.

I searched for hoverboards for a while and then I landed on eBOARDS, they're website looked very nice, clean and elegant, I'm not very computer literate so I wasn't sure if they were real, I gave a call and one of the team picked up, answered all my questions very politely, and I was satisfied, I ran to the bank and deposited the money, came back and made my ordered before the 3pm deadline, my segway reached me THE VERY NEXT DAY, I was so pleased that when I received my follow up phone call, I agreed to give my review... I'm now recommending eBOARDS to ALL my friends!

Sueann T.

Ordered mine last week, it arrived the very next day, and I've been enjoying it ever since, these things are so fun to ride!

Jennifer R.