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Information on our NineBots!

Lean forward to go Lean backward to brake/reverse

Lean forward to go

Lean backward to brake/reverse

Lean left to turn left Lean right to turn right

Lean left against steering bar to turn left

Lean right against steering bar to turn right

Traverses uneven roads Traverses across small obstacles Downward slopes
Inclined drive Grassy terrain Gravel rocky terrain
Wet Land/Rainy Day bricks tiles

Ensures Safe And Stable Performance & Battery Longevity

Cutting-Edge Samsung 18650 Lithium Battery

Our NineBots only uses the highest-quality Samsung or LG batteries available, providing reliable high performance and safety. The battery is non-flammable and non-explosive. Each battery cell has independent dual protection. Moreover, the intelligent battery management system independently controls the working status of every battery cell and ensures safe, stable and efficient performance and battery longevity.

Cutting-Edge Samsung 18650 Lithium Battery

The High-Polymer Polycarbonate Case Is Much More Tough.

Case Design

Polycarbonates are long-chain linear polyesters of carbonic acid and dihydric phenols. It has many advantages, such as excellent physical properties, excellent toughness, very good heat resistance, fair chemical resistance, fair processing, etc. One of the biggest advantages of polycarbonate is its impact strength. Under the high-polymer polycarbonate case, your NineBot is much more tough than other scooters.

High-Polymer Polycarbonate Case

Check The Status Of Your NineBot At Any Time

LED Display Panel

When driving, you can check the status of your NineBot at any time with the liquid crystal display screen, and the unique design of the LED screen helps you to see clearly from any angle.

LED Display Panel

Every Color Delivers Beauty & Elegance

White NineBot Black NineBot

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